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Notify Us of Your Quality Control & Reporting Requirements

Please be sure to notify us of any special quality control or reporting requirements that you have. You may refer to the Request for Price Quotation form and to Reporting Options for more details. North Coast Labs is also capable of providing a variety of electronic reporting requirements for various state regulatory agencies.



Once arrangements are made for your project, a bottle order can be prepared for your sample collection needs. Please provide a week for sample containers to be prepared and shipped or delivered to your site.

It is important that delivery arrangements are made so samples are received within the holding times of requested analyses. If your sampling schedule requires delivery of samples outside of North Coast Labs regular business hours, special arrangements should be made so staff is here to receive the samples.


Turnaround Times

The time demands for your project are a major consideration. North Coast Labs has a standard turnaround time (TAT) of two weeks (10 working days) for most analyses. Shorter TATs must be approved prior to receipt of samples and a surcharge will be assessed dependent on the nature of the project. The following schedule reflects rush surcharges for most routine analyses:

24 hours: 100%
48 hours: 80%
3 days: 70%
4 days: 60%
5 days: 50%
6 days: 40%
7 days: 30%
8 days: 20%
9 days: 10%


Sample Handling

Some samples may require special processing or handling that client services should be made aware of. For example, samples may have known contamination that could affect how staff handles the samples or the samples may require special compositing or sieving. North Coast Labs has current permits from both the United States Department of Agriculture and the California Department of Food and Agriculture so that we can import soils. Please let us know if any of your samples require any special handling or documentation.



Some projects may involve analyses outside of our capabilities. North Coast Labs works with a number of other certified laboratories allowing you to ship all of your samples to North Coast Labs. The samples can then be subcontracted to other laboratories as necessary.


Final Reports

Once analyses are completed and validated, reports are generated for review. Final reports can be mailed to the individual(s) at the address(es) indicated on your chain of custody. Results will also be faxed or e-mailed as a PDF.



Payment arrangements should be considered prior to beginning your project with North Coast Labs. If you would like to establish an account, an application must be completed and approved prior to beginning any work. Clients who do not have an established account may submit payment by cash, check, MasterCard, or Visa prior to the release of analytical results.


Ordering Sample Containers

After taking the above issues into consideration you may contact client services to discuss the full scope of your project if necessary. A quote for your project can be provided and/or a bottle order can be prepared for delivery.

Included with your bottle order will be a chain of custody to document the specific information about your project. In addition to information about the project, samples and analyses, the form provides space for you to list any special requirements.

The chain of custody must accompany the samples being shipped for analyses. Pack the coolers with sufficient ice so as to maintain the temperature between 0-6°C. There should be adequate packing material so as to protect the samples from breakage. Please notify North Coast Labs as to when your samples will arrive. This notice will allow the laboratory to schedule your samples for analysis. In addition, if samples are expected and do not arrive the laboratory will be able to notify you immediately.

Our Client Services team includes Trudie Blasi, client services representative; Ron Canady, sample custodian; and Greg Jordan, laboratory manager.

707 822 4649 (phone)
707 822 6831 (fax)
Trudie Blasi


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