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Reference EPA 531.1
Method Name N-methyl-carbamoyloximes and carbamates
Sample Container VOA, preserved- C2H3O2Cl to pH <3
Holding Time 28 days
Matrix Drinking Water
Analyte Reporting Limits Units
3-Hydroxycarbofuran 3.0 μg/L
Aldicarb 3.0 μg/L
Aldicarb Sulfone 4.0 μg/L
Aldicarb Sulfoxide 3.0 μg/L
Carbaryl 5.0 μg/L
Carbofuran 5.0 μg/L
Methiocarb 5.0 μg/L
Methomyl 2.0 μg/L
Oxamyl 5.0 μg/L
Propoxur 5.0 μg/L

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